About Faii

My name is Heather Murray I am a third year Illustration student at Middlesex University. I focus mainly on digital illustration and Animation. My work can either be simple or complicated, colourful or grayscale, child like or sophisticated. I like to experiment with many different styles of digital art and although I feel I have my own style I like to keep my work diverse and try out different things.

Being a young Illustrator I am very open to ideas and suggestions and I’m far from “set” in my own ways, but at the same time I have my own new ideas to share.

My main inspirations are successful flash animators (Weebls stuff in particular) , Dick Bruna, Pixar Films and various manga artists.

I have experience with Adobe Illustrator, Flash, Photoshop, After Affects and Premier.

I hope to one day be an established digital Illustrator/Animator either working for an interactive media/arts company or as a freelancer.